Stepping Stone Class
December 22, 2017 (Fri) 10 AM – 12 PM
At ADSO's Art center, 17 First St SE

F Walton Beach, FL

Call 850-244-1271 to register.
Sign up dead line is December 15
Ages 7-15  Cost:  $25  Supplies included

Your kids will love this fun project – Stepping stones for the garden, your child’s chance to design and create their very own. The stepping stones will be made from concrete. The kids will have choices of how to decorate the piece; drawing, writing or sculpting, then adding embellishments, like stones or colored glass to make the stone your own. Anything special you would like in the stone, bring it along. You will need to pick up the stones the next day between 10 and 11 AM.

Alter Ego, Tube people, Raku sculpture, Marcy Eady
Clay Platter, Marcy eady

I love to create sculptures out of clay that reflect life, but not perfectly.  Large wavy flowers that one could curl up underneath and rest, small animals that walk or swim past the flowers on their way to where ever, and funny people who could be living in the small fairy houses are my current interests. 

 marcy eady - clay artist


clay giraffe, raku sculpture, clay sculpture
Sculpture, clay sculpture, woman sculpture

My work can be seen at the Fort Walton Beach Library through the end of December.

My work can be seen at Artful Things in Niceville  

elephant, clay elephant, abstract elephant, clay sculpture